15 Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon

When someone greets you with the playful phrase “What’s shakin’ bacon?” you know it’s time to get creative with your responses. This light-hearted greeting deserves an equally amusing comeback. We will explore 15 funny and witty responses that’ll have you and your friends sharing laughter and good vibes. So let’s dive into the world of humor and enjoy some bacon-flavored banter!

Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon

1. Sizzle and Smile: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

2. Bacon Puns Galore: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

3. Bacon Philosophy: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

4. Bacon Bliss: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

5. Pork-tastic Excitement: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

6. Sunny-Side Up: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

7. Bacon Weather Forecast (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

8. Sizzle Show: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

9. Bacon and Beyond: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

10. Bacon Rap (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

11. Meaty Business (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

12. Ham-tastic: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

13. Breakfast Vibes: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

14. Bacon Party: (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

15. Crispy Adventures (Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon)

Funny Responses to What's Shakin Bacon
Funny Responses to What’s Shakin Bacon

Sizzle and Smile

This response is like saying “I’m doing well and feeling good.” When you cook bacon it sizzles in the pan and the smell makes people smile. So this reply adds a playful twist to a typical greeting suggesting that your life is sizzling with positivity and joy.

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Bacon Puns Galore

This reply is all about wordplay. It uses “bacon” in multiple creative ways to show you’re making memories. It’s a clever response that adds humor to the conversation making it more engaging and enjoyable.

Bacon Philosophy

In this response life is compared to bacon. Bacon is known for its crispy and unpredictable nature just like life can be. This humorous comparison acknowledges the ups and downs of life in a lighthearted way.

Bacon Bliss

This response shows your love for bacon and uses a pun to express that you’re taking life one step at a time just like you might enjoy bacon one strip at a time. It’s a playful way to say you’re doing well and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Bacon Bliss
Bacon Bliss

Pork-tastic Excitement

By saying that everything is “pork-fectly delightful” you add humor by using the word “pork” instead of “perfect.” It’s a whimsical way to express enthusiasm for life suggesting that everything is going wonderfully.

Sunny-Side Up

This response combines sunny-side-up eggs (often served with bacon) with the idea of flipping bacon in a pan. It’s a light-hearted way to say that you’re having a good time and it adds a sunny and positive vibe to the conversation.

Bacon Weather Forecast

Using a weather forecast metaphor this response humorously suggests that the day is all about bacon. It is a playful way to convey that you’re in a good mood and ready for a fun day.

Bacon Weather Forecast
Bacon Weather Forecast

Sizzle Show

This phrase creates an entertaining mental image of you sizzling like bacon ready to entertain and have a great time. It adds humor by turning your day into a “sizzle show” and inviting others to join in the fun.

Bacon and Beyond

This response humorously extends the idea of bacon to represent life as an adventure. It suggests that life is full of surprises and excitement just like biting into a crispy strip of bacon.

Bacon Rap

Using rhyme and wordplay this response playfully suggests that you’re having a good time and embracing the moment. It’s a lighthearted way to respond with humor and creativity.

Meaty Business

By turning the conversation into a “business meeting” about bacon strategies this response adds a playful and unexpected twist to the greeting. It’s a humorous way to engage in the conversation.


This response playfully substitutes bacon with ham adding humor to the greeting. It’s a fun way to say that you are having a great time and ready for some fun.

Breakfast Vibes

By mentioning coffee pancakes and bacon this response creates a vivid picture of a delightful breakfast. It sets a cheerful and positive tone for the conversation making it feel like a warm and friendly morning chat.

Bacon Party

This response turns the greeting into an invitation to a bacon bash using humor to suggest that you’re in a celebratory mood. It is a playful way to convey that you’re ready for some enjoyable interactions.

Crispy Adventures

By describing life as a series of crispy adventures this response playfully embraces the idea that life is full of exciting and unexpected moments much like biting into crispy bacon. It’s a creative way to express your zest for life and the interesting experiences it brings.

These responses are designed to bring a smile to your face and make conversations more enjoyable. They use humor and wordplay to add a playful and light-hearted touch to the greeting What’s shakin bacon?


So next time someone asks you What’s shakin bacon you’ll be ready with a hilarious response. These witty comebacks will add a dash of humor to your conversations and keep the bacon banter sizzling. Remember life’s better with laughter just like it’s better with bacon!


How do you respond to what’s shaking?

Certainly! Here’s a table summarizing the responses to the greeting “What’s shaking?”

“Not much just enjoying the day. How about you?”Reciprocates the question and shows interest.
“Just the usual hustle and bustle. How are you doing?”Acknowledges routines and inquires about their well-being.
“Oh you know the usual – work life and everything in between. What’s new with you?”Conveys balance and invites further conversation.
“Nothing too crazy just taking it one step at a time. And you?”Suggests managing things calmly and asks about their day.
“Just staying busy but that’s the way I like it. How’s your day been so far?”Highlights an active lifestyle and shows interest.
“Not shaking much but I’m here! What’s up on your end?”Playfully acknowledges a lack of excitement and keeps the conversation going.
“Life’s going smoothly thanks for asking. How about yourself?”Appreciates a smooth flow of life and prompts them to share.
“Just riding the waves you know? How’s everything with you?”Uses a metaphor to describe your state and invites sharing.
“Keeping things steady and enjoying the ride. What’s new in your world?”Suggests stability and curiosity about their recent developments.
“Not much shaking just the usual routines. How’s your day treating you?”Mentions routines and shows concern for their day.

These responses are friendly and engaging making it easy to connect and continue the conversation with the person who greeted you with “What’s shaking?”

What’s shaking slang?

The slang phrase “What’s shaking?” is a casual and informal way of asking someone “What’s going on?” or “What’s happening in your life right now?” It’s a friendly and relaxed way to start a conversation and inquire about the other person’s current activities or news.

The word “shaking” in this context doesn’t literally refer to physical shaking. It is a figurative expression used to ask if there are any interesting or exciting events occurring in the person’s life. It is similar to asking “Is there anything noteworthy happening with you?”

This slang phrase is often used in social settings among friends or in casual conversations. It’s a way to show interest in the other person’s life and to open the door for them to share updates or stories. When someone asks you “What’s shaking?” they are inviting you to talk about what’s going on in your world whether it’s big news or just the everyday events that make up your life. It’s a lighthearted way to connect and catch up with someone.

How do you respond to Shawty?

Responding to the term “Shawty” depends on the context and the nature of your relationship with the person who used it. “Shawty” is a slang term that’s often used as a playful or affectionate way to refer to someone typically a woman or a girlfriend. Here are some common ways to respond:

  1. Acknowledge with a Smile: If someone calls you “Shawty” in a friendly and respectful manner you can simply smile and acknowledge it. You might respond with a friendly “Hey!” or “What’s up?”
  2. Return the Nickname: Playfully return the favor by using a similar nickname. You could say something like “Hey there partner” or “What’s up buddy?”
  3. Express Comfort: If you’re comfortable with the term and the person using it you can respond with a friendly “Not much how about you?”
  4. Clarify or Ask: If you’re unsure about the person’s intentions or you’re hearing the term for the first time you can politely ask “What do you mean by ‘Shawty’?”
  5. Use Their Name: If you prefer to keep things formal or you’re not fond of the term you can simply respond with their name or a general greeting like “Hello” or “Hi.”
  6. Engage in Conversation: Use the term as an icebreaker to start a conversation. You could say “Shawty you won’t believe what happened today” and then share a story or anecdote.

Remember that the tone and context matter when responding to slang terms like “Shawty.” It’s essential to gauge the situation and your level of familiarity with the person. Responding with respect and positivity is generally a good approach but you can also playfully engage with the term if it’s used in a friendly manner.

What’s the proper response to someone when they ask you “What’s shakin’ bacon?”

When someone playfully asks you “What’s shakin’ bacon?” in a lighthearted or friendly manner it is an informal and cheerful way of inquiring about how you’re doing or what’s new in your life. Responding to this quirky phrase can be equally fun and relaxed. Here are some suitable ways to respond:

  1. Play Along: Embrace the humor by replying in kind with another fun phrase like “Not much just flippin’ and fryin’ like bacon” to keep the playful spirit alive.
  2. Keep It Light: Respond with a casual and upbeat greeting like “Hey there! I’m doing great thanks. How about you?” This acknowledges the question and transitions into a regular conversation.
  3. Share a Bit: If you want to give a brief update on what’s happening in your life you can say “Not too much just enjoying the weekend. I went hiking yesterday!” This adds a personal touch to the conversation.
  4. Return the Question: You can reciprocate the question by saying “What’s shakin’ with your bacon?” This keeps the interaction fun and engaging.
  5. Express Interest: Show interest in the other person by asking about their day or any exciting news they have to share like “What’s new in your world?”
  6. Customize Your Response: Tailor your reply to the context and your relationship with the person. If it’s a close friend you might respond more informally than you would with a colleague or acquaintance.

Remember that the key is to maintain the friendly and playful tone set by the initial question. Responding with positivity and a hint of humor will keep the conversation enjoyable and light-hearted.

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